Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I arrived back in Calgary late last night, and I'm currently holed up in the bedroom at my parent's house that I slept in (affectionately known as the "fishing room" based on it's use as the office for dad's fishing business when someone doesn't need the futon).  I'm waiting to see how long I can stay holed up before someone either checks to make sure I'm not ill, or suspects that I'm hiding and comes to find me.

I'll blog about the trip with some pictures and details in the next day or two.

This morning, though, I'm thankful for the time away I had (even if I'm wishing I'd extended it a bit longer...) I'm thankful for hours of conversation and laughter and hugs.  Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to hold onto those pretty tightly in the coming days.

So, in a few minutes I'll crawl out of bed.  I'll move into the day, and organize myself.  I'll miss the world where I could wear skirts without pants or tights underneath.

I'll be back daily with the daily 5, but even as the season of the year officially changes today to fall, I feel that shifting in my life again, too, and an urge to perhaps be quieter for a while, here.  (That said, it seems like every time I give myself the freedom not to write, I suddenly actually feel like I have things to share.  So, who knows!)

I'm grateful for escapes, and praying for a growing reality that will be less and less necessary to escape.