Friday, June 18, 2010

A Quote on Trust

A couple of nights ago in my daily 5, I linked to a few posts on trust.

A dear friend gave me a perpetual calendar a little over a year ago, with a different quote each day from a female saint.  I love the calendar, and it has often been timely in the words of wisdom it has offered.

Today's quote deals with trust, and struck me as I journey right now, with only a very few plans, but very uncertain outcomes.  It reads:

"Dear Lord, I do not ask to see the path.  In darkness, in anguish, and in fear, I will hang on tightly to your hand, and I will close my eyes, so that you know how much trust I place in you, Spouse of my soul." (Blessed Maria Elizabetta Hesselblad)


kirsten michelle said...

That is a good one!! I'm really gathering these things in lately, these bits of wisdom. So often I long for clarity, even knowing that if I had it, I wouldn't need faith.

I don't need to know what; I need to know WHO.

Lisa said...

I'm glad we've somehow found each other's blogs as well :)

and yes, not what, but who. (though I'll absolutely admit to a preference for seeing the path! and, in my experience, sometimes when you can see the path it requires just as much trust, because you look at it and go "seriously, you want me to go where?")