Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 307

Today's Daily 5:
  1. These two posts, here, and here (read them in that order) about trust on Kirsten's blog.  I've been quietly enjoying her blog for a while (loved the series about becoming Catholic for so many reasons), but particularly enjoyed reflecting on these latest two posts, especially given my own journey these last several years.  In fact, I think I'll have to find time to write a post on trust one of these days.
  2. A mug of lemon-mango tea as I studied in the cold basement today.
  3. The memory of a lovely, special, sunny day by Lake Huron with a dear friend a few weeks back.  I'm savoring memories of sun right now, since we've had almost two weeks of rain, and it poured again today.
  4. kit-kat bars
  5. butter chicken for supper.  I'm learning to like curry!  Maybe India (a place I've dreamed of traveling to) really will be doable someday!


Anonymous said...

Well needless to say I liked those posts, as well...given I also blogged about Ruthless Trust, and especially that chapter on Gratitude (in my "In Everything" part 1 post recently!) - including Nouwen's tie to it! :-) Good stuff. I've not enjoyed the rest of the book nearly as much...though I'm not quite done yet. Trying not to get ahead of where we're at with it at work.

Lisa said...

I knew I'd read the title somewhere other than a bookstore!

and yes, I've been quite taken by Kirsten's sharing of her journey... well worth reading...

going to have to pick up a copy of ruthless trust it would seem :)