Friday, June 18, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 309

The daily 5 started 309 days ago.  For those of you who are newer here, you can find my initial introduction to the concept here.  But the long and the short of it is this:  I was needing to find ways to truly choose joy in my life, and one of the ways I came up with was to make a list of 5 items (these days it can be any number as long as there at least 5) that I was either thankful for, or that had brought a smile to my face that day.  When I started, 5 was a huge number to attain.  Some days it still feels huge.  Other days it's no big deal to list 10 or more.

In any case, I've been doing this for what is now approaching a year, and it's made a difference.  I watch for things in my day that bring smiles.  I find myself making mental notes of simple, lovely things I notice as I traipse around the city on the trains and buses and on foot.  It's made a difference in reminding me to continually choose joy.  It's an ongoing journey.  I'm still not, by nature a hugely positive person.  But my heart is changing and being shaped and formed in this simple little daily discipline, and so I show up here each night and make a list.

And, without further ado, here's today's daily 5:
  1. 309 days of making these lists. (I like numbers that end in nine!)
  2. burgers for supper with dad from my favorite hamburger place (and on a 2 for 1 deal to boot!)
  3. figuring out just the right way to wrap myself in a thick blanket in my basement study space so that I'm actually warm, but the blanket isn't impeding my movement and making the studying more of a pain.
  4. getting through the chapter of the anatomy text book that seemed never-ending and moving into one that assured me that this process is going to move faster and be more interesting now that that one highly specific (and incredibly boring) chapter is out of the way.
  5. a box of chocolates that was a sweet (literally and figuratively) thank you gift from a friend
  6. actually managing to check some stuff off of my personal "to do" list (this week has been a bit consumed with studying, and the rest of my life was getting slightly neglected)
  7. feeling good about the fact that I'm managing to really discipline myself to study at length.
  8. chocolate
  9. amazed at how I'm adapting to and enjoying really challenging my brain again... apparently all those jokes I've made about happily being a career student if there was only money for it are true!
  10. interacting with blogging friends, new and old.  I love that I've made and am making some friends via this medium.  I love that I can show up here and share whatever is on my heart, and somebody somewhere stops in to see what I've been up to, and that I can stop in at their spaces and see what's going on in their minds and hearts as well.


Anonymous said...

Especially liking 8-10 :-) Wishing I could get back to 9 myself, but am forcing myself to stretch and do translation to at least to do something to challenge my brain and hopefully not lose all it held!

Praying for continued diligence in studying!

renee said...

you have been (and are) such a continual inspiration to me. thank you so very much for doing these lists. I'm always delighted to read them, and they always encourage me to do my own.

Lisa said...

thanks Renee. it's actually such an encouragement to hear that today :)