Thursday, April 29, 2010

On a Brighter Note

Lest the world think I'm totally bogged down (though I am somewhat overwhelmed) by the most recent challenge life is throwing at me with this car situation, let me share a few happy things.  (And, because I was already having a hard day when the day started, I was particularly careful to note the things that made me smile today, and have a long list for tonight's daily 5.)

I had my last medical appointment this morning.  Pending the results of some blood work I had done, I've been pronounced fit for another year of life.  I have instructions on a couple of little things (mostly dietary to see how they affect energy) to keep an eye on, and I'm good to go.

That this appointment went well was very encouraging.  I'd been dreading this one, particularly since the last time I saw one of the doctors at this clinic, they prescribed a particular medication that I was initially hesitant to go on, and ended up deciding not to use.  The physician I saw this morning was much easier to talk with, and we discussed some ways of managing the hormone imbalances that seem to create crazy lows in my mood from time to time, without going on medication long-term.  That made me very, very happy.  I like a doctor, who, however she feels about the more natural remedies that I prefer, will work with me, instead of demeaning me.

That appointment, one which I'd been dreading, left me encouraged, and relieved actually, and for that bright spot in a gross week, I'm grateful.