Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuff to Check Out

I'll be here later with some more random thoughts on the day, but for the moment, here are a couple articles I found interesting...

This article about some knife attacks in China caught my attention.  Not just because of the violence against children, but because of the immense percentage of the adult Chinese population that is believed to suffer from undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses.  17%.  That's huge.  It was interesting to me, too, that this is in large part attributed to the Cultural Revolution which frowned on psychiatry, and has created a subsequent social stigma, and huge lack of mental health professionals.

I laughed really hard at a post on "Stuff Christians Like" today.  The "You're Rich Globally" post.  Which is so totally true, but seriously, it was funny to see the satire in the post.