Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 259

So, as days and weeks go, this one has kind of stunk.  And with that in mind, as I headed out to start my day this morning, I made special note of anything and everything that made me smile, jotting a bunch of the items on a notepad in my purse.  It was a worthwhile exercise I think, and certainly makes writing the daily 5 list tonight far easier.  So, today's daily 5:
  1. two beautiful little Eastern European girls on the bus with their mom (aunt?) this morning.  They had infectious and mischievous smiles that brought a smile to my own face.
  2. the doctor's appointment I had today went so much better than I was imagining it might.
  3. I spent 15 minutes or so chatting with a random stranger at the bus stop, while we both stood in the stormy weather and waited for the bus to arrive.  What made me smile about this was not so much the conversation itself, but the fact that I was open to it, that I wasn't so lost within my self, so internal, that I wasn't aware of the other person, or choosing to ignore her.
  4. The tech who drew my blood for the bloodwork my doctor ordered was really good.  I'm not excessively queasy, but I don't love needles, and she was very efficient and didn't hurt me too much.
  5. The pharmacy had the meds I needed refilled in stock.  I've learned the hard way that I can't always expect this to be the case.
  6. Because of the snow storm, my office got closed for the day.  So, what was going to be a half-day off to go to my medical appointments turned into a full day, and likely won't cost me the half-day of personal time I'd planned on.
  7. Because I was in medical offices and a lab, I couldn't have my phone on.  Instead I sat and read "Jesus Freak" and loved what I was reading
  8. Candles lit all around my bedroom this afternoon
  9. Scented oil burning in the oil burner
  10. a really helpful guy at the gas station tonight when I had some trouble with one of my tires
  11. Feeling quite sheltered and cushioned by God amidst all the crazy life has thrown my way this week.
  12. Finished reading "Jesus Freak".  So good, down to the last words.
  13. organic dried apples
  14. Just chatting on the phone with T. for a bit tonight.  There's something about talking with family on a really rough day that always helps for me.  (Of course it also almost always means that I cry, but I'm learning that that's not so unhealthy, or something I need to be embarrassed about either.)
  15. Tomorrow is Friday.  I'm almost at the end of this goofy week.


shallowfrozenwater said...

i'm astounded how much i look forward to your words when i go through my reading list of the blogs i'm following. i've read attentively when you've talked about Sarah Miles and as you related the other stuff about your car. i'm sorry for the stuff that sucks and i'm happy for you for the stuff that doesn't.
i'll keep following. take care.

Lisa said...

Thanks Ian, your encouragement means a lot today... this has definitely not been an easy week.

And, I've got good news. I finished Sara's latest book last night, and I have at least a post or two with some great quotes and thoughts from the book brewing. You know, when I can catch my breath again from the various curve balls life has thrown my way this week :)