Friday, April 23, 2010


I feel like "Friday" is a word that should be exclaimed.  Joyfully.

Friday in my world means jeans at work, and less than 8 hours until the weekend.

I actually count down the days all week as I'm figuring out my work wardrobe, calculating how many more days of "business" outfits I need to come up with before I can just wear the clothes that feel natural to me.

It's a funny sort of Friday in that my day will be very full, not just a winding down of the week that has passed, but a full day of tasks, followed by an evening full of little "must be dones" as well.

It's a funny sort of Friday in that I'll spend much of the day waiting for the news of the safe return of a friend who's been overseas.  Praying that her connection is made, and she isn't caught in the snarl of travellers stuck at Heathrow thanks to volcanic activity.

But it's FRIDAY!

And I have thoughts and posts and all kinds of fun things brewing inside of me.

And maybe a particularly lengthy daily 5 late tonight.  As the day goes on today, I'm trying to jot down the things that bring smiles