Friday, April 23, 2010

The After-Work List

On tonight's agenda:
  • Take the train home.  Well, to mom & dad's home, where my car is parked.
  • (Enjoy current audiobook while on train.)
  • While at mom & dads:  check my mail.  cover brownies that mom baked but couldn't cover before she left.  check if package mom was expecting has been delivered since they left.
  • Sobeys.  First day of the new flyer sale.  Get fresh produce for the week or so ahead.
  • Home.
  • Food.  It's undecided if this will involve the actual process of cooking, preparing food from scratch, or if it will simply involve digging some salad out of the bag I bought earlier in the week, and accessorizing it a little.  Plus maybe some chips and nacho dip.
  • Attack to do list for the evening, while balancing with the need for rest.
  • To do items may or may not include:  wrapping a shower gift for L and writing a shower card; writing a graduation card for L; flipping through cookbooks and consulting the list of current freezer contents to determine a meal gameplan for the next week; catching up on America's Next Top Model online; sending an email or two or three or more; painting my finger and toe nails; sorting through some scrapbook supplies in an effort to purge, sort and organize; updating my budget; and laundry.
When I look at my evening plans listed out like that, they sound pretty mundane.  But, I'm really looking forward to them.  I miss quiet evenings at home, tackling the stuff of life.  I've been busy lately, partly due to multiple committments, and partly because the discomfort of life at grandma's means that I've scheduled far more outings into my life than ever before.  And tonight will likely still hold some of that discomfort.  But it's still a quiet evening at home, and I'm looking forward to that.  To just doing stuff that needs to be done.  To watching trashy television online, and eating and resting.  To finding just the write words to communicate love for the girl my brother is marrying, and how delighted I am that she's joining our family and celebrating her Bible college graduation.  To resting into myself a bit.  Even with that slight edge of nerves that exists as part of life at Grandma's.  Because I'm learning about myself from that too - about what I carry with me, and that having a place of safety doesn't have to be dependent on location.  That I can carry that with me too.

It's the little stuff of life that I really love these days.  And I'm looking forward to an evening spent immersed in it.