Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Strange Days, Redux

The dream I wrote about yesterday morning is still having odd effects, as other bits and pieces of what I saw while I was sleeping play out in my waking reality.

Someone I saw in the dream, who seemed quite ill, leaving me concerned and praying as I woke, is in fact, quite ill today.

It's a bit strange, this playing out of my dreams in waking moments.

I'm waiting for news of the friend who was in labor yesterday, waiting with her husband, and working to welcome their first child into the world.

Another very dear friend is celebrating her birthday today, and I'm thinking of her and praying.

And so today I find myself again in that odd, deeply prayerful place.  Praying for Haiti, for the person who is ill, for my friends and their child, for my dear friend as she begins another year of life.  And for so many other things on my heart.

Strange days indeed.