Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 195

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Chatting online with a very dear friend tonight, on her birthday, the first time in a while that we've managed to connect for more than a very few minutes, or by email.
  2. The transit connections were incredibly lucky running errands after work tonight, and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might.
  3. One of my errands was a trip to the library.  I have three new audio books to start listening to on my work commutes (especially nice since next week after the move the round trip commute is going to be about 3 hours).   I loaded the first one onto my ipod tonight, and I'm excited to start listening to it.  It's about a father who connects with his autistic son through horseback riding, and some sort of crazy traveling adventure in Mongolia also involving horseback riding.  A true story, and so up my alley, involving mental health, family relationships, animals, and travel!
  4. I made perogies for supper.  Because of my unexpected extra trip to a the grocery store last night, I was in the grocery store that carries the most genuine perogies I've had, so I bought a bag and cooked them for supper tonight and lunch tomorrow.  It's been ages since I've eaten them, and they were great!
  5. Lots of times of deep prayer through what was a bit of an odd day.
  6. Listened to an interview with Sara Miles on my ipod on the way home from work tonight.
  7. Managed to do errands via transit and still get home before dark - that means the days are getting longer and spring must be on it's way.
  8. Was dreaming of travel again this morning.  High on the might actually happen this year list - the BC coast, maybe Ontario again, and California.  (High on the I'm still dreaming and will make it happen sometime in the future list - New Zealand, Peru, Rome, and maybe even China and/or Africa.)
  9. Contemplating getting an iphone.  The idea of being able to surf the web while on transit - especially with my commute about to get so long - is a very appealing one to me.
  10. Dad stopped by the office this morning and picked up a few boxes I'd saved for packing and moving.  I can definitely use them, but there was no way I was carrying them home on the train.  Since he was in the area, I asked if he could stop by, and he was willing.  Grateful for family who are willing to help out with the smaller details.