Saturday, February 13, 2010


I've been waking up around 5:30 or so for the last several weeks.  Not intentionally, it just seems to be when I wake.  It is not usually a happy thing.

This morning though, I woke, did some quick calculations, and just felt grateful.  I'd slept for 6 straight hours.  After a week that contained dreams, a horrific nightmare, and a night where I was awake ill and in immense pain, at 5:30 those six hours felt like an incredible blessing.  Especially since I could close my eyes, roll over, and drift in and out of sleep for another couple of hours.

Today I'm moving another load of belongings to my Grandma's house.

While I'm there, I'll check out the paint job.  Apparently she loves to paint, and she called me at work yesterday to tell me that the painting is done.  I'm a little concerned that she only did one coat, so we'll see, but even if I have to do one more coat, I'm grateful for the help.

Then it'll be on to mom and dad's house, to get a treatment from my mom, hang out and watch some olympic action, and likely borrow a car to accomplish some errands.

A pretty mundane day all in all, but I'm not really sorry for that.  It's been a really exhausting few weeks, and there are a few more weeks like that in the works, so I'll be grateful for the slower pace.  And, there's maybe even a trip to the mountains in the works for Monday.  I would love a little bit of time in the mountains.

So, this morning I'm grateful.  For sleep.  For a family that is so helpful.  And for a much needed long weekend.