Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday, Looking Forward

I'm incredibly thankful that it's Friday.

I'm wearing a sling again today, giving my shoulder a bit more of a rest.

These are the things I'm looking forward to, the things that are making this "one more day" of work somehow doable.
  • The church in Redding, California that I love to listen to sermons from is hosting a conference this weekend.  And they're live-streaming it for free on their website.  I'm totally looking forward to getting home from work tonight, and settling in with some of my "to do's" for the evening, while watching the Jesus Culture conference online.  Love that I can be part of it from a distance.
  • There was a new episode of Grey's Anatomy on last night (and maybe a new Private Practice as well).  That means that at some point over the course of this weekend, I'll be settling in for an hour (or two) to catch up on my favorite television drama.
  • I'm wearing jeans at work.  And a hoodie.  so good.
  • I'm having my weekly lunch date with a coworker.
  • I had a mug of passion tea.
  • I had a meeting with a coworker this morning about a project that I was dreading tackling, and she decided it would actually be more suited to her position, and took it off of my plate!
  • I received a bonus cheque from work this morning - a little extra money right now, especially unexpected money, when I'm in the midst of moving and car shopping, is a special blessing.
  • I'm going to do my fingernails and my toenails, and put a clay mask on my face tonight.
  • I'm going to book a hair appointment - love getting my hair done!
  • I have a natural health treatment tomorrow morning that will hopefully aid in speeding my recovery.
  • I'm having lunch with a long-time friend tomorrow.
  • I'm moving the first load of stuff to my grandma's house tomorrow.
  • I'm likely going to get behind the wheel of a car for the first time since my accident tomorrow. (Okay, so not exactly looking forward to this, but will be glad to get it over with!)
  • I will crawl into bed tonight with freshly washed sheets and pajamas, and climb out of the shower to a freshly washed towel.