Sunday, January 03, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 144

Today's Daily "5":
  1. Really slow lazy day... kind of necessary
  2. Did finally clean out my closet though - well, except for the shoes, maybe I'll do that another day.  Pleased to have purged a number of items from my wardrobe as well.
  3. Budgeting - have I mentioned that even though I'm not exactly friends with numbers, I'm getting a certain perverse satisfaction out of the discipline of developing, maintaining, and living within a budget.  I think it also comes from the sense of no longer being overwhelmed by my finances.  The baby steps of really feeling like I can control the outcome of this.  And it helps to have a budget that leaves a little bit of room for the extras now and then.
  4. Grocery shopping is done for the week.  After I picked L. up at the airport this afternoon, we stopped briefly at home and then headed right out to the grocery store.  I absolutely love that this is not going to be an evening hanging over me this week.
  5. Ceres brand mango juice (or the cranberry kiwi for that matter)
  6. Jello.  Yep, I have a fondness for jello.
  7. chicken fingers and french fries again.  I know, I only ate that yesterday, but my stomach did not get the memo that 2010 was supposed to be the year of health, and it's only been tolerating a few foods, and chicken fingers have been one of them.
  8. Catching up (quickly) with my roommate about our various holidays
  9. Candles lit in my bedroom for a large chunk of the day again
  10. Enjoying the fruits of yesterday's cleaning with a tidy, uncluttered bedroom, and a clearer headspace in many ways.