Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Alphabet Project

Yesterday I wrote a post that included as one of my goals for 2010 that I would work on an alphabet photography/scrapbooking project.

I bought this great set of rub-ons on a trip to the scrapbook store the other day (on 70% off clearance no less!) that was the alphabet with a word for each letter, and all of the words seem to fit well with my ongoing theme of choosing life and joy and hope.  So, the plan is to take a photo (or several) for each letter and word, and create a scrapbook page with journaling explaining why that photo speaks to that word/theme for me.  I'm not much of a scrapbooker anymore, but I like the challenge of needing to come up with photographs for more abstract words (remember that another goal was to develop a bit at photography), and I feel like 26 pages over the course of the year (just over 2 a month) is a very doable achievement.  Plus, I like that it pushes me to pull out and use the supplies I've accumulated over the years, and to need to be creative in making a page that suits the letter and the photo.

So, without further ado, let me share the alphabet with you.  (Let me know if you have good ideas for any of the words!)

A is for adorable
B is for beautiful
C is for cute

(okay, let me just pause for a second and say that in those first few letters I'm clearly going to need to arrange to spend time with some of the friends who've recently had babies.  because an evening of cuddling a baby is going to be a real hardship for me!)

D is for delightful
E is for elegant
F is for fantastic
G is for generous
H is for happy
I is for industrious
J is for joyful
K is for kind
L is for loving
M is for magical

(LP/CA - I sense you might not only have some travel ideas for me, but also a suggestion for the letter "m"!)

N is for neat
O is for original
P is for pretty
Q is for quiet
R is for real
S is for silly
T is for thankful
U is for unique
V is for vivacious
W is for wonderful
X is for X-citing
Y is for youthful
Z is for zany

I haven't decided quite yet if I will do these in order, or just do them as I manage to capture a moment that fits a word, or maybe some of both.  I do like the idea of mostly doing them in order, just for the fact that it forces me to really create vivacious, or real, or cute, or industrious (or whatever!) moments - to be deliberate in creating the story with my life.