Friday, January 01, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 142

Welcome to 2010.  Or at least the technical first daily 5 list of 2010.  (Technical since I'm pretty sure I wrote the daily 5 for December 31, 2009 at like 1:30 this morning.)

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Zoo trip
  2. Giggling at the anteaters - I really can't quite explain just what kind of a moment that was.  It was beautiful to just feel those giggles kind of well up inside me and escape.  For me, after such a hard year, and so much sadness, and having to so deliberately choose joy and thankfulness at every turn, it was a special gift from a loving Abba to stand there, watching that crazy part of creation, and feel the joy simply well up within me and burst forth.  It was a really wonderful way to begin the year.
  3. Watching a movie with mom and dad, T. & L.
  4. The annual Chinese food New Year's day dinner with both of my parents, both brothers, and L.
  5. The ironic moment of being goaded into opening a fortune cookie I wasn't particularly wanting to eat, "just for the fortune" and cracking mine open to discover it didn't have a fortune!  Not sure what that says about my year to come!  But it was a pretty funny moment.
  6. Playing crokinole and Dutch Blitz with mom and dad and J.
  7. time this afternoon to do a bit of cleaning in my bedroom
  8. making a list of goals, hopes, dreams, self-reminders etc. for the coming year
  9. taking photos at the zoo this morning with Dad's camera
  10. Clean laundry - yep, I kicked off the new year with washing my sheets and towels, and other laundry.  Because there's something about celebrating newness with such fresh smelling sheets, towels and pajamas to crawl into at the end of the jay.  I know, it's weird, but it really is a joyful thing for me.


Clif said...

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