Saturday, January 02, 2010

Planning a Day

It's 11:10 am or so, and for the first time in months I didn't eat breakfast several hours ago.  As we speak I'm munching on a granola bar that will serve as breakfast.

I woke up for the first time around 8, but I'm trying to be disciplined in this time off from work to really rest - not just immediately roll out of bed and start doing.  So, at 8 I rolled over and told myself that I was not getting up until at least nine, and that I might as well just go back to sleep.  Surprisingly (for me) it worked, and I slept until close to 10!

I've spent the last hour or so catching up on blogs and checking out some new ones.  Just after the new year is a great time to read blogs because everyone is talking about newness, goals, dreams, and practical ways to get to those things.  And, well, I may have mentioned at some point that I have a thing for newness.

So, I'm sitting here, propped up in bed, and considering the day ahead.  There is only one non-negotiable on my list for today - make it to Mom and Dad's during daylight hours to get Dad to show me how to manage a couple of simple maintenance tasks for George on my own.

The rest of the list for the day looks something like this, with total flexibility for time, fun changes in plan, or just the desire to really rest and enjoy one the last full day I'll have the house to myself. (Tomorrow my roommate returns, and Monday we both go back to work.)
  • finish cleaning up my bedroom
  • write at least one blog post with hopes, dreams, goals, thoughts on story, and whatever else strikes my fancy for the new year (there are a couple brewing - the list post, the alphabet post, and a couple posts looking back at 2009, things that surprised me, and so forth)
  • clean my closet
  • spend time reading
  • connect in some manner with a dear friend a long way away
  • email A. in Toronto and set up a time for a skype catch-up and pray together date
  • send a thank you email to a relative in the states for a Christmas gift
  • connect with a couple of local friends to set up times to get together in the coming few weeks
  • clean the bathroom
Who knows... I could go to my parent's house to learn how to better care for George, and get invited to stay, and I'd likely accept, for a while anyway.  Or maybe I'll just hole up in my house for the entire day, with movies and music playing, and clean.


Jenny said...

You are so productive, Lisa. I might start with a list half ths length and still only get half of that done... What is your secret, I wonder? I think perhaps I dilly dally, dream, stop for some chocolate and half an hour in front of the TV (multi-tasking with the PC at the same time!).

Popping off to read Don Miller's blog post you recommended. Looking forward to reading your post on his book. I've only read Blue Like Jazz so far.


tea said...

I have the opposite problem... I am a totally non-morning person and would sleep until 10:00 every day if I could. :)

Lisa said...

Jenny - I totally only did a few of the things on that list! I did some other stuff instead, and just kind of took it slow today... well, I did a bunch of cleaning, but I did it with a dvd playing in the background!

Tea - not at all a morning person either. just a person with some trouble sleeping, meaning I tend to get out of bed fairly early once I can no longer sleep. I can however, lay in bed once awake for quite some time!