Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who Are You to Yourself?

This quiz title made me smile.  Mostly because it seemed like a good quiz for the beginning of a new year.  The questions made me smile because they were all based around waves and being near the ocean - I've had many, many discussions about waves the last few years, and I love oceans, and large bodies of water in general.  The results were actually fairly accurate of me as well.

You Take Yourself Seriously

You see yourself as a thoughtful and introspective person. You are very intelligent.

You think other people see you as friendly, happy, and charming. You tend to get along well with everyone.

You want to see yourself as independent and free wheeling. You'd like to do your own thing more often.

You identify as a compassionate and accepting person. You pride yourself on being forgiving.


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed this quiz and thought its analysis of me was very on que. I also LOVE YOUR quote..."of all the liars..." I love this quote very very much.

I appreciate you reading and joining One True Self. I thank you. I look forward to reading your work as well.