Friday, January 01, 2010

Zoo Year's Day :)

I started the new decade and new year off with a trip to the zoo.  I love heading there on days when I know it won't be busy, because it's so much easier to just sit or stand and appreciate the animals, without other people pushing to catch a glimpse.

I had several objectives this morning - visit "my" gorillas, see if the new baby giraffe was on display yet (nope), check out the newly redesigned and re-opened conservatory, and see the giant anteaters.

Here are some photos, and a couple of videos from the morning.  The rest of the photos can be found in a facebook album here.

The videos are of the giant anteater, which is currently one of my favorite creatures.  Mostly because it's so entirely bizarre with that long nose, skinny body, and feather duster tail.  I stood and watched him for probably 10 minutes this morning, giggling out loud at how funny he looked!

Hanging out at the zoo is a great way to start the year.  The incredible creativity of God is so on display, and it's a place I find so incredibly peaceful and full of the certainty that God is a God of hope and creativity and laughter and beauty and new things - all reminders I've needed regularly through the difficult last few years.


tea said...

What pretty pictures! We don't get to our zoo very often, because it costs an arm and a leg. I do love to go though, when we can.

I'm like you, I like to go to the zoo (or anywhere really) on days when there are no crowds. It's so much more peaceful and enjoyable.

I love the thoughts you shared about seeing God through the things he has created! :)

Lisa said...

A few years back I started buying an annual pass to our zoo. I find it an incredibly peaceful place, and I can get an annual pass for less than $100/year. If I didn't buy the pass, believe me, it would be expensive too!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting every so often! I love getting comments and it doesn't happen super often :)