Saturday, December 12, 2009

Numbers and Such Like

I started my morning with a massage.

It was a pretty good way to start the morning.

After that, well, most of the rest of my day is going to be about numbers.

I had a meeting at a new bank to open some accounts and start the process of changing banks.

I went to my current bank to deposit a couple of cheques so that I can pay some bills.

And now I'm home, and wrapped in a blanket.

It's -34 Celsius out there with the windchill today. That's -29.2 Farenheit for those of you who don't think in Celsius. So I'm wrapped in a blanket, curled up with my laptop.

And I'm dealing with banking and financial stuff. Will probably be doing that for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Not my favorite way to spend a day, but it's stuff that needs to be done.

And at least it's warm inside.