Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 121

Today's Daily "5":
  1. Dinner invitation from Mom. Though I do sometimes turn these down, it's rare. Mostly because on the nights when I would have onlly been cooking for myself, it's nice to not have to cook.
  2. Climbing out of a long hot shower and putting on pajamas still warm from the dryer.
  3. clay mask on my face for a while
  4. freshly washed towel for after my shower, and freshly washed sheets on my bed to climb into shortly
  5. the scent of myrhh filling my bedroom (oil burning in my oil burner tonight)
  6. A friend's facebook status that I came across tonight which made me chuckle. It read: having a hard time making lemonade with life's lemons today. Maybe we should kill all the lemon trees? I'd rather make wine anyway!
  7. not having to sit in traffic for hours thanks to another successful train ride
  8. sipping a cup of mango rooibos tea.
  9. getting lots of little domestic things done while still enjoying a quiet evening with an empty house
  10. being in a space of prayer deeply, even though it's uncomfortable and rather exhausting, I'm glad for the moments when Jesus deeply draws my heart to pray.
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