Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 139

Today's Daily "5":
  1. My cheques finally arriving in the mail.  Since they were supposed to be here well over a week ago, and I was needing to write some first of January cheques for a few people (including my rent!) I was getting a little nervous and scheming about backup plans.
  2. Straightening my hair on my own for the first time - not stellar results, but not bad either.
  3. Lunch and shopping with a friend from high school
  4. new sweater - suitable for work or casual wear
  5. instructions from dad on what little items I need to purchase before he shows me a few things about maintaining George later this week
  6. watching a movie while I worked on a bunch of stuff tonight
  7. finally being able to write postdated rent cheques to our landlords and leave them for pick up - so nice to have that item off of my list
  8. really enjoying having the house to myself this week that I'm off while L. is out of town
  9. laughing at little ironies
  10. thankful that the cold I've caught (quite a few people were sick at Christmas) has for the moment stayed in the mild annoyance range, instead of becoming a problem.