Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Congested with a Chance of Snow

I suppose it was inevitable.  At work, everyone was sick.  At Christmas, at least three or four relatives had ugly head colds, including two immediate family members.  And now, I seem to have caught it as well.

Thankfully, at the moment, it seems to be restraining itself to the mild annoyance sort of head cold, and I'm praying that it will limit itself to this, and not feel the need to really go for broke and make me feel sick and miserable for my last several days off.  To that end I've beefed up my already extensive vitamin routine, and, like I said, I'm hoping and praying for the best.

In other news, it's snowing.  Because the feet of the white stuff we've already had this winter wasn't enough.  Should make doing errands for a large portion of this day good fun.

My paycheque (after a bit of worrying and trepidation) actually made it via direct deposit into my new bank account overnight.  Which means that today I can do things I've been putting off, to make sure there remained enough money in my bank account to cover rent, just in case.  Things like buying a few groceries, getting a few supplies for maintaining George, and other super exciting moments.  Groceries, recycling, an auto parts shop, the bottle depot - all of these are definitely favorite locations of mine.

Oh, and the bank.  I have a meeting at the bank today, to inquire about loans or lines of credit.  Because, you see, after returning a few years back from my trip to Malta, I sort of relied on my credit cards to live for a while, until paycheques started coming regularly again.  And the credit card debt sort of spooled from there a bit, and now I'm paying huge interest as I budget and try to pay that debt off.  So I have a meeting at the bank today to see if I can get a line of credit or a loan, to reduce the interest percentage I'm paying, and hopefully get out of debt quite a bit faster.  Sweet.  Here's hoping it's someone personable that I meet with, and not someone who treats me a little bit like a fool for having credit debt in the first place, or for not being some incredibly financially savvy individual.  Because I've met a few of those types of people as I've been navigating some of these banking changes, and there's nothing quite as frustrating as being demeaned by a person you're sort of dependent on for service.

And after all those things, I'll be home again, tackling more items on the list for the week, and updating my budget.  I think I may have been a bit overzealous in my list making, so I'm trying to pick out the things that I really think are priorities.  The rest can be relegated to evenings and weekends in the coming month.  Especially since some of them are just things that I want to accomplish before the quite likely reality of moving again at the end of February.  Things like going through clothing and belongings and paring down a bit again.  And sorting through some grocery and snack food items that have sort of collected, so that they can be eaten before more are purchased.

And with that, I'm going to venture up and out and start doing things like online banking, and errands.  Or maybe I'll just start by crawling out of bed, where I've been sitting and eating my breakfast while writing this post.  Clothes instead of pajamas would be good - they'll probably help my chances of not being treated demeaningly at the bank later.  And brushing my hair, that'll also probably help.  And then I'll start doing things like online banking and budget updates and errands.