Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Good Meeting

I had a very good meeting at the bank this afternoon.

Actually, I've had a very productive day all around.  I went to the bottle depot and returned the empties I'd collected from work and home and emerged about $9 richer.  I did the recycling.  I grocery shopped.  I bought supplies for George, and filled George's gas tank.  I bought hair styling product to help straighten my hair.  I updated my budget - twice.  I paid a bunch of bills.  I made jello, and bought Chinese take-out for lunch.  I put some important letters in the mail.  I got my daytimer/calendar for 2010 in useable, working order.  And I had the meeting at the bank.

Turns out that in spite of a decent amount of debt - the credit card debt I mentioned this morning, and government student loans, I have very good credit.  So good, in fact that the line of credit I applied for was immediately approved.  Apparently, according to the guy I met with, that's very rare.  And I have a credit score that's one of the highest he's seen.  Sweet! 

I was so thankful for the guy I met with.  While I appreciated the lady I met with at the beginning of the month to open my new accounts at this bank, she was a little bit demeaning in her manor, and not very patient with my infinite number of questions in an attempt to make sure I understood exactly what was happening with MY finances.  (I personally think it's fairly reasonable that I would want to understand that!)  The guy today was totally not like that.  He answered all of my questions quite patiently, showed me what I needed to see, and went above and beyond as far as I was concerned.  He was personable, and amiable, and generally didn't make me feel at all like I was stupid or an inconvenience for having questions.

So, in a couple of days, once a payment I made this morning (pre-line of credit) goes through on my credit card, and I have an exact balance, I'll be credit debt free!  Or at least credit card balance free.  Since I'll still owe the money and everything.  But hey, the line of credit is less than half of the interest rate I was paying on my credit cards, so that should be absolutely fantastic in terms of helping with my goal to get rid of all of that debt as soon as possible.  And for that, I'm also so incredibly grateful.

It's been a good day - the kind I'm always thankful for.  And I'm especially grateful that I have had this week off of work to catch up on these myriad of other tasks that would have eaten whole portions of much needed evenings and weekends otherwise.  It's nice to be able to accomplish all of these little things, but to do them at a pace that doesn't leave me feeling frantic or exhausted at the end of the day.