Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feels like a long week

It feels like it should be Thursday at the very least. It's only Wednesday.

I'm listening to Ingrid Michaelson's "Maybe" on repeat this morning. The refrain, "maybe, in the future..." plays over and over in my thoughts.

I discovered this morning that Jason Upton is doing a conference in a small city only 3 hours drive from here this weekend. I'm far too broke to attend, which is disappointing.

Tonight is grocery shopping night. That means that I'm already praying for a peaceful experience there. (Have I mentioned that while I don't mind grocery shopping, I have a strong dislike for the discount warehouse type store we do most of our grocery shopping at? I refer to it as the "soul-sucking mega store".)

I started my four days of exercise a day earlier than usual this week. (I read a brief study that suggested that one way to increase seretonin in your brain was to do 20 minutes of moderately aerobic - they suggested yoga - exercise for at least four days in row. Apparently if you do this, there was an increase of seretonin levels in the brain shown over a period of sixty days.) Because I started a day early this week, that means tonight is my 4th day, and that I'm actually kind of excited about.

My budgeting strategy is being put to the test tomorrow. One of my favorite shops is having a sale. A good sale. 20% off everything for members instead of 10%. And it's very tempting to go stock up on the products I buy there (which include my skin care products and hair care products). But I bought what I needed, and a bit extra fairly recently, and my budget is already a bit stretched, so I think tomorrow I'm going to quietly ignore the sale. (Which hurts the bargain loving part of me that rarely pays full price for things...)

I'm really looking forward to eating the chicken gumbo I made last night for dinner tonight. It looked pretty tasty, and it's rather nice to know that on a night that will already be busy, there is a full pot sitting in the fridge, just waiting to be heated up and consumed.

I'm still in the midst of odd, deep spaces, and am thus sharing mostly the ephemera of life at the moment. I hope you'll bear with me as I sort through memories and ponder the events of my days (and nights) more quietly.

The dreaming has been thick lately, and has carried memories with it, and I'm feeling the need to process deeply and internally before sharing with the world (or perhaps never sharing with the world.)

It feels like a long week. How is it possible that it's only Wednesday?