Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I sat in my car in the parking lot this morning and decided that today was going to be a good day.

I'm determined.

I'm going to ignore all of the things I disagree with today. Or all of things that are pretty much ridiculous.

I'm going to find the humor in the fact that I work in a workplace that is at times shockingly similar to the one depicted at the naked pastor this morning. (I printed out the cartoon and stuck it to my office wall to add laughs through the day.)

I'm going to have a good day.

I'm going to play music in my office and just generally ignore the rampant bad moods floating around the building.

I'm going to try not to focus on the minimal sleep that I got again, and be grateful that it was a night that wasn't marked by the disturbing sort of dreams.

And I'm likely going to escape the office for 20 minutes or so over lunch, to go for a walk and get my exercise for the day in. And to maintain my sanity.

It's going to be a good day.

I'm determined.