Sunday, November 08, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 88

Today's Daily 5 (or 10):
  1. A number of hugs from my mom
  2. The understanding of L, my brother's girlfriend, when I discussed how my day had been going
  3. a really honest (even if I'm feeling very awkward about it now) conversation at church this morning
  4. My brother J. (we don't have the best relationship) deliberately coming over to greet me before he left church this morning.
  5. hugs from L, and a gentle back rub as I cried
  6. thankfulness for an understanding roommate, who also hugged me when she emerged from her bedroom this morning to find me in tears (are you sensing a theme to my day???)
  7. I'm incredibly thankful that not all my days are like today
  8. Plans to go to the zoo on Wednesday with T and L. (someone asked me this morning what I was looking forward to right now, and I couldn't come up with anything I was so down... I'm really grateful to have something to look forward to!)
  9. green beans from the farmer's market in the fridge waiting to be cooked. A gift from my mom, who is plying my hurting soul (and tight budget) with food this week.
  10. that I am nearly at the end of the first two week budget cycle. That I resisted the urge to blow the effort I've put into that budget by shopping my blues away today. That though I'm still getting used to the restrictions, the budget seems to be laid out well enough to cover my needs, a few wants, and still let me make debt payments.