Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Morning...

The drive in to work this morning was helpful. I listened to some Jason Upton songs that I hadn't listened to in quite some time. Songs that Jesus has spoken through for very specific situations in the past. It was good to remember those moments and promises.

Work this week should be nice and quiet. Three of the four management team members are out of town on business. Two of those three are the ones that tend to stir conflicts and tension within the office. With all of them gone, the office should be quite peaceful this week.

A coworker and friend discovered via facebook and my blog yesterday that it had been a pretty rough day. I was surprised and delighted when she showed up at my office this morning and delivered a bouquet of multi-colored roses, telling me that I'm loved and cared about. I was delighted both because it's nice to be surprised like that, but also because they were roses. With my new, tighter budget, I've been walking past the roses in the floral section of the grocery store for weeks now, unable to justify the cost of having one of the few flowers I really love in my house on any kind of regular basis. My office smells wonderful this morning, thanks to the roses, and every time I glance up, they are bringing a smile to my face.

And with that, I've got schtuff to do! A number of things that need to be accomplished today.

So, I'm off to do those things!