Thursday, November 05, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 85

Today's daily 5 (and bonuses as discussed yesterday!):
  1. Lovely sunset driving home
  2. A billboard that I noticed for the first time today that made me laugh in delight at God's blatant "hidden" messages to me. It read, "Joy is always in the forecast."
  3. I'm thankful for a lunch meeting that was far less challenging and awkward than I anticipated, and that has perhaps opened possible doors for slowly reconnecting with a community of believers
  4. Getting the major project that absolutely had to be finished today done at work. And even getting set up for next week's major project.
  5. Managing to get the exercise I was trying for in, for four days in a row as suggested.
  6. Pork and mango tacos for dinner, with a glass of wine
  7. J providing chocolate fondue for dessert - fresh fruit dipped in rich, creamy chocolate with a bit of Baileys mixed in.
  8. Laughter and girl talk as the three who lived together last year of us caught up on life
  9. Being in bed by 9:00, even if I'm still reading and finishing up some emails
  10. I'm grateful to be feeling today that, even though in a number of ways it's been a very challenging week, I feel hopeful again. Like maybe I can kick some of the things I've been struggling with. And maybe it really is worth it to take the advice my dear friend gave me and really fight for that healing.


Anonymous said...

Especially glad to read #10!