Thursday, November 05, 2009

Full Day...

Well, the day has been full.

I've made dinner, and I'm just waiting for my roommate and our former roommate to arrive, and then we'll sit down to eat and catch up.

Work was CRAZY today. I actually didn't have to do yoga after work tonight because I was on my feet running back and forth most of the day and definitely got well more than the prescribed 20 minutes of moderate aerobic activity. I think it was more like 5 hours or so!

Lunch was unique. I'm glad I went, and I'll likely follow up and check out the house church community that we were talking about sometime in the next few weeks.

But I'm tired. I'm hoping the visiting tonight won't go late.

And I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night, having the house to myself, and just doing things that involve caring for me for an evening. Especially since that was what I'd planned for last Friday evening, and thanks to the way my visit with the doctor went, I spent a good chunk of last Friday evening in tears, or frenetic panic, trying to sort out what I'd been told and figure out if I had any options or was truly boxed into a corner. It'll be nice to just rest tomorrow night.

And with that, I'd better go check on our food...

I'll be back later with the daily 5 (or ten)!