Friday, November 20, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 100

Day 100! Crazy.

Today's Daily 5 (or so):
  1. Friday!
  2. Jeans at work
  3. lunch with a coworker
  4. freshly washed sheets and pajamas
  5. soaking in a bathtub and watching Grey's on the internet (love having a decadent Friday evening)
  6. Chinese food for dinner
  7. wading through joy and sorrow amidst memories and yet being peaceful
  8. pampering myself tonight (clay face mask, newly painted fingernails and toenails)
  9. the smell of a freshly washed towel when I climbed out of the shower
  10. hope - hope is precious, especially in a week that has been filled with deep, hard, odd moments.


Shelley said...

Day 100. I like that :)

Lisa said...

yeah... I like that too :)