Friday, November 20, 2009


I am VERY glad it's Friday.

I had to laugh last night. After years and years of sleep challenges, I forget what it sounds like to a "normal" person when I comment that I typically only sleep 3-5 hours a night (though I try to be horizontal for a whole lot more hours than that.) I mentioned that fact rather off-handedly to a new aquaintance, explaining my need to head home for bed, and had to smile (internally anyway) at the shock and instant concern. Yes, I'm working on solutions to the problem, but it's been a long term problem, and I'm sort of used to functioning on minimal sleep, with low energy. In any case, the response made me chuckle.

A full weekend away from the schizophrenic moods of the office is rather needed at the moment. Not that it's been a particularly bad week (or at least no worse than usual...), but just that my own week has felt intense, and dealing with my own intensity, less than usual sleep, and the schizophrenic office moods all at once can get a little wearing by the time Friday rolls around.

I am wearing jeans today, and my favorite ballet flats, and a sweater I bought in Kensington Market on my recent holiday in Toronto. The sweater is a new favorite, so cosy, and cute besides!

The list of stuff that needs to be done tonight after work is long, but mostly enjoyable. It includes things like painting my fingernails and toenails, putting a clay mask on my skin (it really does help keep me from breaking out if I do it at least weekly), and putting freshly washed sheets back on my bed. I'm going to stop by my parent's house and pick up my mail, and stop by the mall and pick up a pair of pants I left at the tailor's to be shortened. I'm going to find (or make - not sure yet) a birthday card for a friend, and I'm going to hang out and catch up on Grey's Anatomy online. And I'm going to enjoy an empty house.

Have I mentioned that I'm incredibly thankful it's Friday?