Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I forgot something, when I talked about "weird intercessor days" yesterday.

I forgot that they can become "weird intercessor nights", a phenomenon that generally involves very little sleep, and waking up in a less than functional mode.

I had a weird intercessor night last night. It was compounded by the fact that every muscle in my neck, shoulders and back seems to have tightened overnight, and that I woke with the worst headache I've had in months.

So, high-functioning is not a particularly accurate description of me today.

The painkillers are helping, and so is putting a magic bag around my neck for periods of time.

But mostly I find myself moving a bit as if I'm in a fog. Having trouble focusing.

I was thankful that the plan for this morning was to spend at least part of it out of the office, doing an errand. That helped a bit. At least for that I didn't need to be staring at a screen and pretending to focus.

So, I'm back at the office, and in between moments of focus, I'm writing a blog post for all of you.

And thinking "oww."