Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 42

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A quick surprise visit at the office from Hope. And a couple of hugs. I love collecting hugs.
  2. A walk with my roommate, and then a meander through the mall that ended with us signing up for a free one morning cooking class at one of the shops in the mall.
  3. A quieter day, filled with time enough to indulge my "weird intercessor space" and think and pray
  4. Watching themes build, receiving confirmations, listening and sharing
  5. really good roasted baby potatoes and asparagus for dinner (I was extra hungry because the gamble that I'd packed for lunch didn't turn out, and I threw more than half of the frozen quesadilla's I'd bought at the grocery store away because they tasted so nasty)


Hope said...

Thank you for the hugs. After I left I realized I hadn't done anything but vent to you in the moment and then leave. Ugh. But thank you for being safe enough for me to just show up and vent. :)
And he said exactly what I thought he'd say when I eventually answered the phone - that he hadn't been present and he was sorry.

Lisa said...

ah the hugs were great! And anytime you're in the area and want to interrupt a really slow day at the office for a little venting and a few hugs, you're welcome to stop by!

glad he responded the way he did :)