Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weird Intercessor Space

I'm in what my roommate teasingly refers to as "weird intercessor space" today.

I don't really know how to describe it, except to say that it happens from time to time, usually as themes begin to converge around me. (Also, that it is happening more frequently again of late...)

The less important details of day to day life just sort of take a back seat. For example, as we drove this morning we were trying to remember what it was that we'd decided we were making for dinner tonight. Since I'm doing the cooking, it was sort of important that I know what I was cooking. But, the space I was in was preventing me from any ability to recall what we'd planned, other than that I knew we'd had a conversation about it last night, and I was pretty sure I'd taken meat out of the freezer in anticipation of it. There was much laughter as we finally realized that it is pot-roast, baby potatoes, and asparagus tonight.

I woke in this space from a night of dreaming, and there was much that played out before I ever left the house to fuel it. And it has carried with me, on into the day.

So, I'm thinking and praying today:
  • for two friends who both gave birth to baby girls, both with flower names, on the days of Rosh Hashanah over the weekend, and for their new daughters, who are speaking to me of new life and so many other things right now.
  • as I'm thinking about stones and tracing themes from scattered thoughts and dreams
  • as I'm looking towards the weekend, and a short trip to pray and tour and walk...
  • sipping tea and thinking about purple and remembering
  • for friends preparing for travels and prayer
  • for provision for some who desperately need it
  • against fear and anxiety that can become overwhelming
  • with the words of the song "I Surrender" by Kim Walker running through my thoughts
  • as I consider lions and the spots they've popped up lately
  • thinking about warmth and cold and changes in temperature
  • with anticipation of the new season just beginning
  • with gratefulness for the new year also just beginning
  • as I see "symbols" of sorts that brings friends to mind and cause me to lift them before Jesus
  • for changing mindsets and patterns of thought and internal dialogue
  • for joy and peace and life