Thursday, September 03, 2009


My roommate and I are buzzing with excitement, since tonight we booked flights for a mid-october vacation!

We're looking forward to nearly 10 days away, in Eastern Canada, checking out the fall colors (which she's definitely never experienced, since they don't have fall in New Zealand, and which I've experienced in only the minor shades that we get here in Western Canada), seeing several good friends of mine, and just generally being tourists.

I was just telling her that I'm absolutely delighted that for the first time in two years I will have more than two work days in a row off, and that, also for the first time in two years, the trip I will be taking will have really absolutely nothing to do with some of the things that created so much stress in my life, and made life generally challenging. I don't think I can even explain how refreshing an idea that is - how it reinforces that I really am coming into a new season again.