Friday, August 21, 2009

What season is your soul connected to?

This result made me chuckle. Mostly because for the first time ever, this year I've been really looking forward to fall. Summer has been hard, and I've been looking forward to a change in season quite badly. Needing it in my personal life as well as in the day to day of the world. And looking forward to rains, cooler temperatures (though this summer has been thankfully full of rain and cool temperatures, much to the chagrin of most) and new things that come with a new season.

Your Soul Is Connected to the Fall

You are a somewhat sensitive soul with a tough exterior. You are street smart and wise about the world.

You have the heart of a poet, but you're not too eager to let anyone else see it.

You are very creative and deeply talented. You are still looking for the perfect outlet for your expression.

You embrace change and think the cycles of life are beautiful. You don't shrink away from the darker elements of life.