Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday morning

I am so incredibly thankful that it's Friday.

This week has been insane, and I'm rather badly in need of a couple of days off.

I'm heading out to do errands after work tonight.

Ikea (we need an end table to put inside our front door, and a lampshade to put on the lamp we're going to put on the end table inside our front door.)

My parent's house to pick up mail.

Chapters - I'm looking for a particular children's book that is proving to be a bit difficult to track down.

I slept more peacefully last night than the previous few, but am feeling more tired and groggy this morning than the previous mornings.

I find myself playing the same songs and sermons on repeat these days. Needing to hear the encouragement, the challenges, the messages they offer to my heart over and over and over.

I'm debating weekend plans. Perhaps another afternoon movie? Or a trip to the mountains? The farmer's market for fresh produce? Maybe time spent doing something creative? A bit of cleaning? Hanging the art on our walls now that I've unpacked the last boxes? A trip to goodwill or some other thrift shop to donate the excess that I've pared down from the move? Maybe just sitting in my favorite park with my journal and a book? Church is in the plans, that much I know.

In any case, there is work to be accomplished at the office before any of those things can be truly considered, so perhaps it's time to focus and accomplish that!