Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Quiet

This has been kind of a crazy week for me and Jesus.

A good week, but a bit crazy, and, just in this moment, one that I don't have a lot of public words for.

I'm planning to spend today quietly, and by myself. I'm think I'll probably go to Heritage Park for a while. Ride the old fashioned amusement rides. Maybe take advantage of the Harvest Fruits and Vegetables Sale that's going on this weekend at turn of the (nineteenth) century prices.

My roommate went camping and hiking, and I don't expect her back until fairly late this evening.

So, I'm planning a quiet day. Maybe a few little excursions, and time in my favorite park. Maybe a movie. But likely mostly just quiet. Reading, resting, thinking, writing, praying, and cleaning. Maybe pulling some supplies off the shelves and doing something creative.

But quiet.

Other than the live webcast of Jason Upton at a church in Texas that's currently playing in the background. Because that is soothing my jangled soul as well.