Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slightly Passive Agressive

I am having the sort of week where nothing that I rather badly need to get accomplished is getting finished because I'm being stopped every 10-30 minutes by someone who desperately needs my help with some project or other. This is the reason I shut myself into my office this morning to accomplish the one major task that absolutely had to be finished this week. In the meantime, the constant demands for help and attention, and the totally scattered way in which this week has progressed is wearing on my nerves and beginning to inspire profanity (yes, I do occasionally use profanity - though I'm trying to curb it again, a process I've gone through every couple of years since junior high school.)

I just lectured a photocopier. There was a paper jam that someone else didn't bother to try to clear before calling me. Once I'd cleared it, I had two immediate mini-jams in succession. So, as I cleared them I lectured the photocopier about how I had things to do, none of which were being accomplished this week, and could it please work with me. It's laughable, really, and absolutely passive agressive, but funny in a way, when you consider that due to the fact that I was the receptionist for two and a half years before taking my current position, I know the photocopier here so well that it is typically referred to by other teasing staff members as either my baby or my boyfriend.

And, to be quite honest, I felt a little better for that ridiculous moment of lecturing and passive agression. Maybe just because I realized the ridiculousness of it, became thankful that the day is very nearly over, and was able to laugh.