Friday, July 31, 2009


It was my turn to leave early on the long weekend.

I was feeling the need for a little bit of self-care, and had booked an appointment for a pedicure and my first ever manicure. Will I ever be the kind of girl who does this all the time? No. Will I continue doing it every two or three months for relaxation? Yep. An hour or so where I could just let my mind be blank, focusing only on the girl massaging my legs, painting my nails, and massaging my hands was very much needed today.

I followed it up with several trip related errands, then home to do a bit of organizing (my energy levels are requiring me to take it pretty slow in the evenings these days), eat some dinner and do some emailing.

I've been watching a bit of a Jesus Culture conference from Redding, California online tonight. I quite enjoy Bill Johnson's teaching, and that church is one of the ones on my list of "I'd like to spend a Sunday there sometime." It's been nice to have the conference session playing in the background as I've moved around the house tonight.

I made a quick trip to my parent's place, and ended up crying and chatting with my mom. After I'd finished crying through an email exchange with a very dear friend who is in so many ways the mother of my heart. I had to laugh, because while these two women are usually quite different, they were saying the same things to me tonight!

So, that's my evening. Rest, tears, some encouragement, and a conference live via the internet.

It will be pretty quiet around here for the next three days. I'm driving to another province to attend a wedding on Sunday. It'll be a bit of a challenging wedding for me to attend thanks to the guest list and a few other circumstances. So, I'm praying for a God-given ability to find joy and peace. To truly push into being myself. To not let the circumstances push me into being a smaller person - being less of who I am. But mostly for joy. And safe travels, since George is old, and it's a rather long trip. My roommate is making the trip with me, and serving as my "date" to the wedding. We'd definitely appreciate your prayers for safety and all of the other things.

I've scheduled at least one post to go up each day I'm gone, and quite frankly, some of it I had a hard time not publishing immediately when I was getting it ready! It's unlikely that I'll have access to the internet while we're away, so I'll be back to blogging live and in person on Monday night. See you then!


Anonymous said...

So funny...that's my bro's favorite church. Remind me to tell you a story in email - or chat on skype sometime - about it :-) He was just there last weekend. Hitched a ride in 110 degree heat to get there for church after no church for all these weeks on the trail!

Praying for your trip!

Lisa said...

I'll definitely want to hear the story, either by email or skype!

and thanks for praying! so appreciated!