Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roommate Tensions?

So, our house is feeling a little tense this afternoon.

Our landlord stopped by, and will be listing our house tomorrow. He requested that we keep the inside of the house cleaned and the lawn mowed so that the house shows well. (He'll give us 24 hours notice before any showings, but still...) This means we need to do some cleaning (have I mentioned that one of my roommate's in particular is not the cleanest person around??) and that the lawn needs to be mowed.

All of these are tasks I've taken care of for most of the last year. That I've done far more than my fair share of the time. And today, today I just need to rest. I'm tired and my energy levels are pretty low from yesterday's activities and demands, so, I'm wrapped in some blankets and crashed out for the moment in front of the television, watching a dvd.

I simply left a note on our fridge white board, letting my roommates know that the cleaning needed to be done, and the lawn needed to be mowed. (And, in my defense, I scrubbed the bathroom before I left the note.)

One roommate took it well. The other, not so much. But, you know what, I'm trying to not let that bother me. We've all got stuff on our plates. Yes, she's planning a wedding, but really, with the amount of time she and her fiancee spend at our house, one of them can take an hour to mow our lawn (it's not that large.) So, I'm working on not letting her annoyance bother me. They're all heading out again later and the house will be nice and quiet and peaceful.

At this point, I just want to survive the next month. I need to find one roommate and I a place to live. I need to go through the involved process of packing and moving. I need to survive the last month of craziness in wedding central. And I need to do all of these things without becoming totally homicidal or saying things I'll regret.