Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Should Have Known Better...

I should have known better.

I was in a fantastic mood. I'd gotten up slowly, visited the zoo, the farmer's market, and a great bakery before coming home to have breakfast.

There is a grocery store that I particularly hate. Unfortunately it has the best deals in town, so we shop there regularly. As stores go, it's huge and warehouse like. The floors are rarely clean, and it's even more rare that we don't have to go to another shop afterwards, because this store, despite it's good prices, rarely has everything we need (including staples like milk!) in stock. And, they're chronically short-staffed.

I'm sensitive to places, and this store is life-sucking. But, it saves us significant amounts of money, so we continue to shop there.

But, with all of that, I should have known better than to go grocery shopping there on a day I was in a good mood, and was supposed to be resting.

It was a bad move on my part. Within moments of stepping in the door, my mood had plummeted into crankiness.

Anyway... obviously I still need some work on the whole managing my energy and sabbath thing.

Here's to doing a better job of that next weekend.