Sunday, May 24, 2009


I find it funny that I can be in a head space where the last thing in the world that I want to do is be around people, and yet feel lonely.

And yet, I'm feeling that tonight. I'm hiding out in my bedroom to avoid the noise and chaos of life with roommates. Particularly the noise and chaos that comes from the constant presence of one roommate's fiancee in our home.

But I'm missing connections with the sorts of friends who truly see my heart. One of those friends phoned me this afternoon with an invitation to join his roommates and himself to hang out by a lake. I had to turn him down due to the need to participate in my family lunch. I wished in so many ways that I could spend some time with them. Spend some time laughing.

Lately I find myself counting down the hours until it's late enough to go to bed legitimately.

This week promises to be unique, starting with an appointment I have tomorrow night. An appointment I'm rather apprehensive about.

And it will be another full week. Which, when I'm feeling tired and lonely, just makes me feel more tired to even think about it. So, I'm trying not to think about it.

About 2.5 hours until I can go to bed.

And then a full week to come.

I'm peopled out, but lonely. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I totally hear you...and your FB status.

So I've ripped my house apart - well, two rooms...need to do my closet and bedroom and the kitchen another weekend - because I had to do something and wasn't sure what to do.

Praying for you...and especially the appt tomorrow. What time? I expect a report :-)

And when I get through my rampage of cleaning I'll email you - but won't be till after tomorrow since I'm going to spend the holiday cleaning, too! ha!

Hugs and prayers!

Lisa said...

thanks for the prayers - I need to check but I think the appt is 7:30.

laughing because ripping the house apart to clean because you have to do something and aren't sure what to do is totally a solution I'd come up with as well!

enjoy the holiday weekend - I always forget that the American May holiday weekend is a different weekend than ours. (wishing mine was this weekend this morning so I could spend the day in bed!)

looking forward to the email, whenever it arrives! have fun cleaning!!!

hugs and prayers back!