Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spanish Sewing

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with A, and baby N.

A. is from South America, has been a good friend for probably close to ten years now, and we had a great time together, laughing and catching up on the last month or so of each others lives, talking about where God is working, and enjoying the chance to sit and eat together.

I'd asked her a while ago if she would teach me to sew, since her mom is a fashion designer and A has been sewing since she was a really small child.  I frequently compliment her on a piece of clothing she's wearing and she'll say, "oh, I made it!"  In the past we've laughed over the fact that because she learned to sew while still living in South America, she doesn't know the English terms for many sewing implements, and only knows them by their Spanish names!  We talked about how if she taught me to sew, she'd have to help me with my quest to learn Spanish at the same time.

Today we talked about it again, and ended up in a fabric shop.  I hit a sale, and bought fabric and thread to make two simple skirts under A's direction for only $15!

We then contemplated when we'd get together to sew, and she decided she'd simply return today!

We've long taken time to pray together when we gather, so this afternoon we're going to cuddle baby N, and spend time sewing in Spanish and praying in English!  I'm quite looking forward to it!  So few of the friends that I can share intimate times of prayer, and truly enjoy sharing life with live locally, so to get time with a friend like A, and her daughter two days in a row, and to get to learn a bit of a new language and a new skill, and spend time talking together with Jesus is truly a blessing for me, and one I can't wait to enjoy!

(For those of you who are regulars, watch this space later this morning for the first installment of me answering your questions!)