Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Ask, I Answer, Take 1

This is it folks, the newest blog feature, named by Christianne, when my brain failed completely last night.  The first question is here, and you'll find new answers sporadically over the next days, weeks, and months.  AND, I'm counting on you all to keep me supplied with questions, so if you have a follow-up to one of these answers, or something totally new entirely, you can either leave it in the comments of one of these posts, OR you can email it to me, using the email address in my profile.

So, the first question to be answered, was the first one that was left, on the original post I put up, asking for your questions.

The question comes from Ian, who wrote:

Grey's Anatomy? really? haven't you seen stuff like The Mentalist? Dr. Who? i've got to think that you'll agree with my wife and say that Patrick Jane is just so dreamy.

Ian, I laughed so hard when I read this question!  So hard!

Yes, Grey's Anatomy, really!  But it's because I've been in love with the characters of Meredith and Christina, and watched and many times deeply related to their emotional development over seven seasons.  In many ways, through the years, my own journey of growth and healing has paralleled Meredith's in particular, and God has met me very uniquely in that, revealing things to me about myself, and my heart and mind and relationships.  It's also because I love the monologues that start and end the show each week, and because God has also very often spoken to me through the truths of those monologues.

That said, I've seen The Mentalist for the first time just recently, and yes, your wife is right, Patrick Jane is definitely nice to look at!  I'm not huge into crime dramas, but I have enjoyed that one for it's quirkyness and characters. 

As for Dr. Who, can't say I've ever seen it... maybe I'll have to check it out sometime!


shallowfrozenwater said...

thanks for putting this up Lisa. i'm honoured that you let me lead off your new feature.
after i mentioned The Mentalist i thought that you might not be into crime dramas at all and the stuff they have can be a bit dark but i just find the Patrick character to be so quirky that he's very engaging.
as for Dr Who though, if you just caught a random episode at some time you would have little idea about what was going on. it's British Sci-Fi and the longest running sci-fi franchise there is. some would answer Star Trek but it's actually not even close. the Doctor has been travelling time and the galaxy on tv for 30 years. it's not something that you just want to pick up for a taste, you'd have to immerse yourself in it to get the full effect.

Lisa said...

I'll watch crime dramas, or read crime novels if they have interesting characters - so ones like The Mentalist and Monk definitely intrigue me. And yes, from the several episodes I watched, the character of Patrick Jane was definitely quirky and engaging :)

I actually like science fiction, generally, and British television, and I've been aware of Dr. Who for a long time, I've just never sat down to watch any. Maybe I'll have to see if the local library has any seasons of it on DVD to check out in a semi-immersion experience.

shallowfrozenwater said...

i've looked in my own local library and have only been able to find individual episodes on VHS. if you should find or rent an entire season then i suggest you go with David Tennant as the Doctor, all of his seasons were amazing. if all you can find is the really old stuff then i like Tom Baker as my favourite oldie Doctor.

Lisa said...

excellent. I'll keep that in mind :)