Sunday, March 13, 2011

Odd Day

This has been an odd sort of day, full of pondering, spinning thoughts, a few tears, and just general exhaustion.

Not bad, just odd for what has been normal lately.

I've spent a lot of time lost in thought, just generally feeling disconnected from what's happening around me, while sort of lost in my internal landscape.

I'm thinking about travel.

About the future.

I'm listening and praying and and waiting.

I've done some homework in the midst of that, and I have a bit more left to do.

I'm making lists and plans.

I like practical steps.

I'm thinking about things I've been reading and listening to.

And just at this moment?  I'm taking a break.

Since mom and dad are out for the evening, I'm taking advantage of the rare opportunity to watch The Amazing Race as it airs, instead of a day or two later.

I'm pausing to laugh at the sight of my favorite team, the cowboys Jett and Cord, saddling a yak in Kunming, China.

I'm watching as one team who is Chinese uses their heritage and language a bit to their advantage.

I'm resting in one of my favorite ways.