Friday, February 11, 2011

The Opposite Problem

Convincing my head and heart to be on the same page is an ongoing problem for me.  It's a problem when you are both intellectual, and yet intuitive.

Usually, in my case, my head knows something is good long before that deep interior part of my heart is convinced.

Today I'm having the opposite problem.

My heart is fully on board, and my head is not at all convinced.


christianne said...

Oh, wow. That's such an interesting thing to learn about you. I confess, I get excited for you when I learn that your heart is fully on board with something. I've gotten better at listening to my heart than I used to be -- I used to be a full-on "head" person! -- but I can appreciate the struggle of holding the two in tension when they don't agree.

I wonder if it would help to ask your head why it's not on board? Perhaps listen to what it has to say, and then respond to its concerns. What would your heart say in response to those concerns, too?