Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 179

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Finally figuring out a weekend packing/transporting my stuff system that means I don't have to carry everything I need for the weekend with me all over the city on Friday's before I arrive at mom and dad's
  2. a tiny, cute girl who was so proud to be getting on the bus with her grandpa that she was grinning
  3. Odd banana sightings - someone had taken the time to drape a banana peel over a hand rail at the university, and then a few hours later, in a totally different part of the city, I spotted another whole banana laying in the snow... the two totally random sightings made me giggle
  4. a good appointment
  5. walking through the train station just as the busker playing there today hit the chorus of "Mighty to Save".  I needed that reminder today, as I continue to wrestle with some discouragement "He is Mighty to Save, Mighty to save..."
  6. a quick change of plans that ended up with Chinese food in a food court, but still included a fun evening hanging out with my friend F and her daughter A, catching up, and wandering the mall.
  7. cracking up over "Might have negotiated for keeping my maiden name!"
  8. finished up a book I was reading that I was aiming to finish.  I had lots of time to do that today, since between school, an appointment, and meeting a friend, in three different corners of the city, I spent close to five hours of the day riding the bus.
  9. coming home to find lots of entertaining emails waiting for me
  10. honestly, tonight number 10 is very much just the relief of collapsing into bed after a fairly exhausting (mostly good, but exhausting) day.  pajamas, a comfy bed, my laptop, magic bags on my feet/back, those are all really relieving things tonight.