Thursday, February 03, 2011

10:10 am Thursday

It's 10:10 am on Thursday morning as I sit to write this post.

I'm still in my pajamas, still in bed.

I have, however, had breakfast, and spent 45 minutes with my SAD lamp.  (I like that lamp - I really think that starting my day with it every morning, while I'm still in bed, just puttering online, is making a difference.)

By 11:00 I will be at a bus stop, waiting to head to mom and dad's for the day.

Because that is what I do on days when I am not attending class.  Because their house is a better place for puttering than the one in which I technically live.

Today needs to be a productive day, full of things like making a budget (read: how little income can I actually survive on?), updating a resume (read: I realized the other day after applying for several jobs, that my most recent Christmas stint at the charity isn't there, and it should be), applying for jobs (read: money is dwindling and I need to be able to pay rent), and doing greek homework (there's nothing to read into this, greek homework is just, well, greek homework.)

In between though, there are things to look forward to:
  • There is a skype call this afternoon with one of my favorite people on the planet - one of the ones with whom I laugh most easily
  • There is making dinner - another new recipe to try.  Chicken and portobello mushroom paninnis.  (And, a sweet friend who knows me very well sent me a recipe for "Almond Joy Cake" - that is going to be a project for this weekend!)
  • There is house church tonight, which, upon consideration, holds all it's usual promise of friends and laughter, and perhaps the promise of just a bit more laughter than usual tonight.
  • And there are weekend things - things like new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice which will air tonight and be online for me to enjoy tomorrow night.
  • Oh, and a superbowl party on Sunday.  Not that I have any enjoyment of football, but, well, Green Bay is playing, and I wouldn't be the daughter of a Wisconsin farm-girl if I didn't at least pretend to be interested.  Plus, there will be VERY good food there.  I know who's cooking and they're the real reason I'll be attending!
And, with that, it's probably time to pull myself out of bed, so I make that bus, and can kick off the "need to be productive" part of my day!

See you tonight for the Daily 5!